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Kagi + Apple Shortcuts

I recently started daily-driving Kagi as my default search engine. Overall I like the service, though I’m still making up my mind whether I would say it is worth the $10 a month for search when most people consider it a free commodity.

In any case, I wanted to write about one Kagi feature in particular: Universal Summarizer. It’s a great minimalist tool that does exactly what you’d expect, which is summarize web pages using 🪄AI✨. I try not to let AI do too much of my reading for me, but it’s great for those pages you really don’t want to read, but still need the gist for whatever reason.

On a desktop browser, using the summarizer is as easy as prefixing the current URL with !sum and hitting enter. While the same motion is possible on my iPhone, I find it very awkward to do in a mobile browser’s address bar and keyboard.

A Shortcut

Kagi’s summarizer is a simple web page with self-documenting query parameters, making it a good candidate to be opened from a shortcut. Even better, you can add it to the iOS share menu, making it easy to trigger when long-pressing on a link in any app.

I’m sure a lot of folks reading this could figure out how to create this shortcut themselves, but if you’d rather skip the hassle, you can download mine here.